Not So Secret Locations

  To many people, Ventura County is a place to enjoy the beach, work, and raise a family. To the students at Brooks Institute, Ventura County is one big photo shoot. There are many obvious places to photograph around the city of Ventura such as the Ventura Pier, downtown Ventura, and Grant Park, but there are […]

Escapes into Landscapes

From a young age, Ryan Norero’s happy place has always been the outdoors. These set of landscape photos are taken throughout California ranging from the coast through the mountains.

A Visual Diary: Julia Micheline’s Self-Portrait Challenge

Julia Micheline gives us a peek into her visual diary. Her intimate self-portraiture project is part of a year-long challenge she has set for herself.

Spearfishing in the Bahamas

Tristan Wolfenden is a British entrepreneur living and working in the Bahamas. Growing up on the ocean, Tristan learned at an early age what he loved about the sea.