Pictures of the Week

  In this installment of Pictures of the Week, students exhibit their tendency to travel and indulge a wanderlust spirit. The images cover nature, lifestyle and journalism. They are all taken by Brooks students from various programs and semesters. Dominic Crowley, Elon Gunning, James Stanley, Shannon Neilon , Elissa Simons and Zachary Kelly are this […]

Hetch Hetchy Valley: A Temple of Mountains

John Muir, the famous naturalist, called Hetch Hetchy Valley, “One of Nature’s rarest and most precious mountain temples.” The surrounding backcountry provides stunning vistas of soaring domes, mountain lakes, and clear cool torrents.

Photos: California’s Beautiful Landscapes

A native of Fullerton, California, Gunnar Brewer reveals some of his stunning landscapes from around the state in this gallery.