Kamilo’s Flights

Not many people have the opportunity to look at the city they live in from above, certainly not at the exact time of day they want and with the capability to pop open a window and take a great  picture. Kamilo Bustamante, however, has had the opportunity to go out on regular flights with his […]

Celebrity Hoops Thrills Crowd

Fans enjoyed a highly entertaining celebrity basketball game that was put on by host Josh Hutcherson and his organization, Straight But Not Narrow, for the third year at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles on Friday.

Youth Development Academy

With school budgets being cut throughout the state, students are the ones suffering the loss most. Fewer school programs and extracurriculars for students means less opportunity when those same students begin applying for high education. Non-profit organizations like Sharefest, and their summer Youth Development Academy, provide the growth and development for young teens that public schools cannot.