Cystic Fibrosis Can’t Slow Her Down

At an early age, her parents knew there was something wrong. Recess at school was more of a chore than it was play time. Without much physical activity, she would wheeze and become lightheaded, often coughing up a good amount of phlegm. She was taken to their family doctor to have a full check-up done […]

Ventura Beer Fest 2014

The annual California Beer Festival took place at Mission Park in Ventura, California with over 140 craft beers on tap, food trucks and live music on September 20th and 21st. Festivalgoers who purchased VIP tickets were able to receive an early pour from the beer stands while general admission guests were only able to enter the park. The […]

Central Coast Comic Con

Characters from anime, sci-fi, horror, Steampunk, video games and anything you can imagine came to life at the Ventura County Fair Grounds in Ventura, California, last weekend, Sep. 12-14. The second annual Central Coast Comic Con, or C4, opened its doors on Sep. 12 to hundreds of people from all over the country and different parts […]

Youth Development Academy

With school budgets being cut throughout the state, students are the ones suffering the loss most. Fewer school programs and extracurriculars for students means less opportunity when those same students begin applying for high education. Non-profit organizations like Sharefest, and their summer Youth Development Academy, provide the growth and development for young teens that public schools cannot.

A Fair to Remember

As summer barrels toward its inevitable end, the sounds of distant screams and the smell of fresh funnel cake moves through the warm July air. Currently in its second and final week, the Ventura County Fair attracts residents for heart-stopping rides and giant $10 corndogs. But the draw of the fair is more than just rides and food.

AAA Car Show: From Classic Cars to Daily Drivers

More than 250 spectacular vehicles were on display at the Costa Mesa AAA headquarters, Saturday June 14 during the 8th Annual Auto Club Employee Car Show organized by the Automobile of Southern California (AAA).

God Bless: A Story of Panhandling

Unemployment and poverty go hand in hand, and is a common issue across the globe. More than 300,000 residents are unemployed in Ventura County, according to state statistics. This multimedia piece explores how three individuals try to make ends meet by regularly panhandling on street corners all over town.

Son Jarocho in Ventura County

When he moved from Mexico to southern California in 1997, Jorge Mijangos never thought he would be spending his days teaching music to children. Now, however, he realizes that there are few things he would rather be doing.

Upcycling in Ventura

One man’s trash might be another man’s art. Miriam Creach explores how artists in Ventura, California, are “upcycling” and bringing life back to discarded treasures.