Before giving a chance to China, I saw it through different eyes – one of prejudice almost, and incredibility towards how the government treated their people. I could not accept that, and internally wanted to revolt about their regime by not setting my foot there. The opportunity of going to Beijing came to me through […]

Live to Climb Another Day

My father, Ed, and I have always had a good relationship, partially because we share many passions. One of those passions: the mountains. My father has been climbing in the Sierra Nevada mountains since before I was born, even before he met my mother. I was too young to remember the first time my father […]

Kamilo’s Flights

Not many people have the opportunity to look at the city they live in from above, certainly not at the exact time of day they want and with the capability to pop open a window and take a great  picture. Kamilo Bustamante, however, has had the opportunity to go out on regular flights with his […]

Brooks Paris Trip 2015

  Brooks Institute takes a trip to Paris every summer, and this year instructors Chris Broughton and Nino Rakichevich took eleven students to Paris for three months to explore the arts, city life and culture. During this time, the students explored the fashion industry and captured the essence of Paris from street photography and fine art perspectives. They […]

A Break From Brooks

Even while on a two-week break between summer and fall semesters, Brooks students carried their passion for photography to places such as Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota and the mountains of California.

San Francisco Dreaming

I often find myself itching to travel but lately I have spent more time stuck in front of a computer writing school papers or editing documentaries than I have going on adventures. For the last few months I haven’t had the time to just disconnect and get away without any responsibility but I finally made […]

West Indians on the Road

  One evening, as the Christmas lights hung from the living room ceiling, Monique and I spoke of many things: fools, kings, and road trips. After concluding that we most certainly needed to venture out on a road trip, the decision of where to go was a conundrum. Monique Theroulde moved to Southern California from Trinidad […]

The Cuban People

Two months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba for the first time. Although the visit was short it was very special and opened my eyes to a new culture. Life in Cuba was different from anything I’ve ever experienced.  I arrived with an open mind and no expectations and I was completely […]

Haiti: A First and Last Experience

Nearly 28 years ago, my grandfather Stuart Eugene Kelly, was asked to accompany a friend to observe what he had been doing in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti.  This one trip changed the life of my grandfather, but not only did it change him, it carried through his life and into the […]

The Freedom to Wander in Utah

  It is often in the most seemingly lonely and isolated places that I find myself feeling the most fulfilled.  Perhaps this feeling arises out of the simplicity and freedom of the moment. Alone, I am free of the influence, energy, and words of others around me, and free of the clutter of my daily […]