Healing Waters

Pat Nataro III, a Brooks Institute Alumnus, is the founder of “A Walk on Water” (AWOW), an organization he created in 2000 to provide a safe environment in the ocean where children who have special needs can feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. He says of the group, “A Walk On Water is an organization […]


Tempest. from Dominic Crowley on Vimeo.   I never thought that Willie would be the one to do it, but he did. For years, I had discussed the idea of going off the grid with my best friend growing up. And we did, sort of. Throughout high school we would take off as soon as […]

To Bee Or Not To Bee?

While bees are tiny and often overlooked creatures, they are to thank for pollinating 50-80% of the food that we consume.  In the past few years, an estimated 42% of bees have disappeared and deceased due to Colony Collapse Disorder.  There is speculation about what causes this drastic epidemic within the bee population, but a very […]

The River Taught Me

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown fond of finding extravagant excuses to justify adventures that are similar to the ones I enjoyed when I was in third grade and would get me in trouble for climbing too high up trees or skinning my knees and staining my jeans with blood. While I enjoy the idea […]

I Went Into Town for Peaches and Came Back With a Puppy

Per usual, I had pulled the short straw among my dirt-bag friends while on a rock climbing trip in the Sierras during the spring of 2013 and was elected to make the 60-mile round trip into Bishop, Calif., to replenish our group’s exhausted water supply. Although inconvenient, I realized that I could also retrieve a […]

Experiencing Ventura’s Parks and Recreation

  Ventura County is rated as one of the best places in the world to live and its diverse range of public parks, beaches and national forests make the county a great place to enjoy all kinds of recreational activities in nature. The County sports some of the best beaches in Southern California and is […]

Surf Is Where You Park It

About three years ago, Austin Krause had an idea. At the time, the idea represented more of a farfetched dream, one of those subconscious wisps of an optimistic goal that most of us would lose with time, a busy schedule and pre-existing obligations to life. But Austin doesn’t often neglect his dreams. I’m driving down […]

The Drought From Above

  It’s no secret that California has been in a major drought. In fact, according to the Association of California Water Agencies, the 2014 water year (Oct. 1, 2013 through Sept. 30, 2014) was one of the driest in decades and followed two consecutive dry years throughout the state. Taken together, the 2012, 2013 and […]

Take Photographs, Survive, Eat, Sleep

Twice a semester, Ralph Clevenger of Brooks Institute takes his Natural History Photography class on a camping trip.  Clevenger states that the two purposes of these trips are to “One: Give students the experience of a real assignment, where they go to a location and have nothing else to do but create images for their client, […]

Vicky and Salaam

Vicky Beelik rises early each morning to drive out to the Billiwhack Ranch in Santa Paula, California, where she boards her white Egyptian Arabian, Salaam. Vicky was diagnosed with epilepsy last year and was hospitalized for 10 days. Her doctors told her that she should never ride again because it was too dangerous for her […]