Learning to Heal

It all started on a balcony… Or off a balcony I should say. Making up stories what happened is a new hobby I’ve acquired, but the real story is this: I don’t actually know what happened. That’s dangerous part of sleepwalking; waking up sometimes includes a broken right wrist. Breaking a limb is an entirely […]

Fleeting Time

In a sensitive time Madison Sano found peace in capturing images with her phone, despite the darkness that age and illness can bring. She hopes that by sharing, you might find comfort, courage and strength in the midst of great struggle. Or maybe just remember that time is fleeting, and worth treasuring with those we love.

Communicating Differently

Parker Moore was diagnosed with autism at an early age. He hardly speaks but he still communicates his needs to others. He may not do it in the way you or I do it, but he is constantly learning new and different ways of talking to people.

Born Again Health

Changing eating and exercise habits can have a dramatic effect on your body, Stephanie Hahn is proof a healthy lifestyle isn’t complete agony.

BYOB: The Refill Shoppe

Where ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ speaks beyond personal wine with dinner, Brooks Institute alumni Michelle Stevens makes a difference in Ventura with her post-graduate business, the Refill Shoppe, located downtown on Main Street.

Amanda: Battling Breast Cancer

OXNARD, CA– A young woman battling cancer employs positivity to build strength during a difficult struggle through rehabilitation and chemotherapy. (Photos and story by Bobby Curtis ©2014)