Will You Marry Me?

This semester at Brooks Institute I took the wedding photography class taught by Tim Meyer. Wedding photography is one of the most common ways for young photographers to get work. Unfortunately for me, just the idea of shooting a couple’s intimate moments was enough to give me a heart attack. This is what I was hoping […]

Million-Dollar Experience

“I had this thought of, ‘I would’ve paid a million dollars for this experience,’” Jessica Hoover said about experiencing an out-of-hospital birth. In October she became part of the 1.36% of mothers in the United States who decided to have their baby out-of-hospital with a midwife. An out-of-hospital birth can take place at a birth […]

Silly Rabbit, Dominatrix Aren’t for Kids

With today’s acceptance of different lifestyles, there seems to be a more openness to the world of BDSM. BDSM is bondage domination, sadism and masochism. This is an erotic practice between consenting adults involving the different aspects of BDSM. Upon hearing about this, some of us more “vanilla” folk think of Fifty Shades of Grey. To the BDSM […]

Cystic Fibrosis Can’t Slow Her Down

At an early age, her parents knew there was something wrong. Recess at school was more of a chore than it was play time. Without much physical activity, she would wheeze and become lightheaded, often coughing up a good amount of phlegm. She was taken to their family doctor to have a full check-up done […]

First Comes Love

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage. I was so blessed this last half of the year with so many wonderful events taking place right in my own family. My sister became engaged, one of my cousins got married and moved to Belgium, and another cousin gave birth to […]

The Truth Behind the Mask

From an early age, I remember making the conscious decision to hide myself from the rest of the world. In elementary school, I remember feeling judged by the people around me and knew that was something I never wanted to feel again. For 20 years I would be a different Hilary with one set of […]

True Colors

  Growing up, people have always wondered about my ethnicity. I’m a variety of spices from different cultures and ethnicities. This series is a celebration of culture. I wanted viewers to see the subjects as normal, everyday people, but encounter a slight amount of shock when viewing the cultured photo of who they truly are […]

Honoring Their Sacrifice

As a photographer, I strive to create images which are  visually interesting, and convey a story to the viewer. I believe that each person has a unique story to tell and this idea can be manifested in a photograph. Photos instantly relay messages, ideas, themes, and emotions to the viewer. In this photo series, I […]

The Thrill of Death

    It was a cold and crisp early Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving somewhere in the outer lands of Ventura, California where I gathered with a few friends to witness a goat slaughter. I have never really experienced an animal being killed before so I wasn’t really sure what I would expect or how I […]

Nexus of Motherhood

In a small dimly-lit kitchen in Ventura, California, 31-year-old Jaymee Payan bustles about putting on white latex gloves, pulling things out of cabinets, and finally plunging her hands into a bag in her sink labeled “HAZARDOUS WASTE.” Out comes the placenta! The nexus of motherhood, the very blood of life flows through this organ created […]