Through Sickness and In Health

In 2013 my father, Todd Verrill, had a severe stroke. He was airlifted at first to one hospital, and by the time they got him to the next hospital he was in a coma. He was in the coma for one month, on and off. He spent at least three months in the hospital, including a rehabilitation […]

Commercials Shot on the iPhone

Citizen Watch Commercial by Joaquim Pujol and Dan Cimini from Brooks Insight on Vimeo. Jeep Wrangler Commercial by Matthew Stirling and Martín Seidlitz from Brooks Insight on Vimeo. As part of the Cinematography II class, students were required to shoot a commercial using only an iPhone or Android device. The class was broken up into […]

La Catrina

La Catrina from José Márquez on Vimeo. A view into the life of Paty Diaz and her family business “La Catrina” Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and has spread to many other countries. It’s a day where people celebrate the lives of those who have […]

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces from José Márquez on Vimeo. A view into Michael’s life and how he finds supports as he comes out. Michael Moffatt, 18 recently went through the coming out process with his family and has been in a constant struggle because of his sexual orientation. Michael is a senior at Buena High School in […]


With a photographic memory, a genius IQ, and the drinking habits of Charles Bukowski, 20-year-old Blake Zimring finds his voice through a new form of art. From oil paintings of demonic faces on canvas, to sharpie murals on backyard walls, he finds a way to create something expressive out of everything he touches. This piece is called, […]

The Journey

The Journey from Elissa Simons on Vimeo. “The Journey” is a short artist profile on Michael Tine, a painter, sculptor, philosopher, and inspiration. Tine says he draws inspiration for his sculptures from art history, philosophy, ancient civilizations and classical sculpture techniques.  His paintings, on the other hand, are purely personal projects and have only been […]


Cycles from Alicia Afshar on Vimeo. “People can make you feel like a slave,” says Maria Perez on Ventura Avenue in Ventura, California, as she watches rain go down the gutter. “He was telling me, ‘Oh its good that you tell her to go away, because she doesn’t want to see how I’m gonna kill […]

The Light Out There

The Light Out There from José Márquez on Vimeo.   For the past eight years sports have helped Oralia Perez learn how to stay focused while trying to accomplish her personal goals. Perez is a 17 year-old-girl who’s participated in almost every sport her schools have had to offer, but she finds the most joy […]

A Step Into the Old West

In the recent months, three Visual Journalism students from Brooks Institute have been building relationships with two communities of reenactors in search of stories and pictures.  Students Zachary Kelly, Cody Phan and Marie Hobro found a goldmine of material to photograph, film and document at a reenactment camp. Reenactors are history-buffs who take on a […]