“Kings” is a short film directed by former Brooks student Tyler Michael James, and written by UCLA student Hunter Milano. The story explores youth finding happiness and self-fulfillment and is told backwards and forwards in a non-linear timeline. The film features Hunter Milano and Anthony Sorrells, both actors attending UCLA’s school of Theatre, Film & Television. The film […]

How I Found Myself as a Set Photographer

  Since I started college in September, 2011, I’ve been on over forty different sets for movies, web series and music videos, shooting behind the scenes as a set photographer. Sometimes people are sent to maybe six sets a year. Imagine being on set 10 times in one summer. It just depends on how busy […]

Second Nature

Second Nature was the graduation show of nine Brooks MFA students and was featured as Brooks Institute’s final exhibit in Santa Barbara. Each artist has spent the past year conceiving and crafting a unique body of photographic work. Written artist statements convey their discovery of the boundaries of learned responses and instinctive behaviors as they […]

Brooks Paris Trip 2015

  Brooks Institute takes a trip to Paris every summer, and this year instructors Chris Broughton and Nino Rakichevich took eleven students to Paris for three months to explore the arts, city life and culture. During this time, the students explored the fashion industry and captured the essence of Paris from street photography and fine art perspectives. They […]

Let’s Get Close

This past weekend I did EPK (Electronic Press Kit) photography on set for a music video called “Let’s Get Close” by R&B artist Heather Fay. EPK is a type of behind-the-scenes photography/video that gives the artist or project exposure and publicity. It’s always an interesting challenge to get good photos while working around everyone on set, […]

Our Imaginations are Limitless

I have always loved to escape into my imagination. I grew up in a home of Czechoslovakian immigrants who came to the United States in 1967. I’ve been fortunate to visit the Czech Republic and Slovakia many times over the years.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the folklore and fairy-tales of that culture. […]

I needed to See, and A Letter to You

Dear Family, Teachers, Classmates, and School, Dear You, Dear Me: I’ve been carrying a heavy weight for the last three years at school, and mostly of my life too. And I can’t graduate without being able to send you this letter. I was always wanting to tell you how much I admire you. I always […]

Keeping Creative

  Something everyone tells me is, “shoot more than just school assignments in order to keep your creativity alive”. This is something that I have been doing to keep my momentum at school going. Even though I am able to take the assignments I am given at school and add my spin of creativity on […]

Finding New Creations.

Brooks Institute Professional Photography student Kamilo Bustamante had a big imagination and big dreams as a child; he loved to create things and was introduced to artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, textile art and sculpture. Bustamante loved to express his imagination by working with hands, but it was not until he found photography that […]

Roman Fashion

  “What am I supposed to do with my hands?” fashion model Edwin Roman asked during a recent photo shoot. “I never know what to do with my hands!” he said.  “And what about my arms!? Are they just supposed to hang here?” Edwin Roman’s frustration was clear as he fidgeted on set in the […]