Experiencing Ventura’s Parks and Recreation

  Ventura County is rated as one of the best places in the world to live and its diverse range of public parks, beaches and national forests make the county a great place to enjoy all kinds of recreational activities in nature. The County sports some of the best beaches in Southern California and is […]

Pictures of the Week

This week, we take a look at images that students at Brooks Institute have captured from all over the West Coast. This week’s featured image is by Alex W. Pauley of a recent fire in Ventura, Calif. It is followed by some beautiful nature shots by Dominic Crowley and Shannon Neilon. From the forests of the […]

Brooks Institute Getting Friendly With Fire

Brooks Institute Visual Journalism faculty Greg Cooper has been communicating with the Ventura County Fire Department with hopes of setting up opportunities for students to get real-life experiences in the field of community photojournalism. In and around the county visual journalism students are asked to look for journalistically interesting material to photograph for class and […]

A Step Into the Old West

In the recent months, three Visual Journalism students from Brooks Institute have been building relationships with two communities of reenactors in search of stories and pictures.  Students Zachary Kelly, Cody Phan and Marie Hobro found a goldmine of material to photograph, film and document at a reenactment camp. Reenactors are history-buffs who take on a […]

Pictures of the Week

  In this installment of Pictures of the Week, students exhibit their tendency to travel and indulge a wanderlust spirit. The images cover nature, lifestyle and journalism. They are all taken by Brooks students from various programs and semesters. Dominic Crowley, Elon Gunning, James Stanley, Shannon Neilon , Elissa Simons and Zachary Kelly are this […]

Haiti: A First and Last Experience

Nearly 28 years ago, my grandfather Stuart Eugene Kelly, was asked to accompany a friend to observe what he had been doing in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti.  This one trip changed the life of my grandfather, but not only did it change him, it carried through his life and into the […]