I needed to See, and A Letter to You

Dear Family, Teachers, Classmates, and School, Dear You, Dear Me: I’ve been carrying a heavy weight for the last three years at school, and mostly of my life too. And I can’t graduate without being able to send you this letter. I was always wanting to tell you how much I admire you. I always […]

The Cuban People

Two months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba for the first time. Although the visit was short it was very special and opened my eyes to a new culture. Life in Cuba was different from anything I’ve ever experienced.  I arrived with an open mind and no expectations and I was completely […]

Yoga for the People

  Visionary Lifestyle offers people guidance for a healthy lifestyle, from yoga to a healthy lifestyle. Magda Freedom Rod created it in 2008 and has been teaching yoga for a year at Elevate, a media production company in Ojai, California. Elevate produces films that focus on capturing positive stories that make us feel good about […]

Cuba Underwater

I met some amazing people while diving in Cuba after something incredible happened. I was scuba diving, and suddenly I saw someone without a tank or scuba gear. He was free diving deep down among sunken boats, coral and fish. “I hold my breath for 3 minutes,” Pablo Balmaceda said once we were back on […]

Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe

It doesn’t matter where you go, if you are with the right friends, it is impossible to think a 5-day- trip to Lake Tahoe is not going to be an amazing adventure. Not knowing our plans, we traveled North letting our hearts guide our decisions. We had just one destination that we didn’t want to […]

Keeping Tradition: Ojai’s Oldest Bicycle Shop

Nobody expects to come to a bike shop to find that it is not only a store, but a museum of old bicycles, replacements and excellent service. “It’s a hidden gem,” Tyler Humer said. “It’s a house, its not a normal store. There are more bikes and bikes parts than space. There are just bikes everywhere!” […]

Farm to Table

Fairview Gardens has been an organic farm since 1895 located in Goleta, CA. Located in the middle of suburban sprawl, Fairview puts emphasis on sustainability, education, and outreach with goals oriented towards strengthening communities through food.