To Bee Or Not To Bee?

While bees are tiny and often overlooked creatures, they are to thank for pollinating 50-80% of the food that we consume.  In the past few years, an estimated 42% of bees have disappeared and deceased due to Colony Collapse Disorder.  There is speculation about what causes this drastic epidemic within the bee population, but a very […]

Pictures of the Week

This week’s Pictures of the Week feature Brooks students’ visual interpretations of their adventures to Oregon, Maricopa, Hollywood, Ojai, and the studio.

Take Photographs, Survive, Eat, Sleep

Twice a semester, Ralph Clevenger of Brooks Institute takes his Natural History Photography class on a camping trip.  Clevenger states that the two purposes of these trips are to “One: Give students the experience of a real assignment, where they go to a location and have nothing else to do but create images for their client, […]

Pictures of the Week

Brooks students Dominic Crowley, Jessica Gallagher and Shannon Neilon explored the great outdoors recently and returned with some bee-utiful photographs.

A Break From Brooks

Even while on a two-week break between summer and fall semesters, Brooks students carried their passion for photography to places such as Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota and the mountains of California.