The Building of St. Barbara Monastery

  St. Barbara Monastery is an Orthodox Christian Monastery founded in 1992. It has been located in Santa Paula, Calif., since 2005 and is currently in the process of building a church. The building of anything is a process, whether it be a church or the beginning of your religion. You must start from the […]

Silly Rabbit, Dominatrix Aren’t for Kids

With today’s acceptance of different lifestyles, there seems to be a more openness to the world of BDSM. BDSM is bondage domination, sadism and masochism. This is an erotic practice between consenting adults involving the different aspects of BDSM. Upon hearing about this, some of us more “vanilla” folk think of Fifty Shades of Grey. To the BDSM […]

Pictures of the Week

This week’s Pictures of the Week show a variety in subject matter as well as submissions from all of the different programs. Brooks students and alumni are invited to submit to the Pictures of the Week for a chance to be featured next week! Submissions can be sent to

Brooks Paris Trip 2015

  Brooks Institute takes a trip to Paris every summer, and this year instructors Chris Broughton and Nino Rakichevich took eleven students to Paris for three months to explore the arts, city life and culture. During this time, the students explored the fashion industry and captured the essence of Paris from street photography and fine art perspectives. They […]