Tempest. from Dominic Crowley on Vimeo.   I never thought that Willie would be the one to do it, but he did. For years, I had discussed the idea of going off the grid with my best friend growing up. And we did, sort of. Throughout high school we would take off as soon as […]

The River Taught Me

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown fond of finding extravagant excuses to justify adventures that are similar to the ones I enjoyed when I was in third grade and would get me in trouble for climbing too high up trees or skinning my knees and staining my jeans with blood. While I enjoy the idea […]

I Went Into Town for Peaches and Came Back With a Puppy

Per usual, I had pulled the short straw among my dirt-bag friends while on a rock climbing trip in the Sierras during the spring of 2013 and was elected to make the 60-mile round trip into Bishop, Calif., to replenish our group’s exhausted water supply. Although inconvenient, I realized that I could also retrieve a […]

Surf Is Where You Park It

About three years ago, Austin Krause had an idea. At the time, the idea represented more of a farfetched dream, one of those subconscious wisps of an optimistic goal that most of us would lose with time, a busy schedule and pre-existing obligations to life. But Austin doesn’t often neglect his dreams. I’m driving down […]

Pictures of the Week

An intricate collection of moments embodies the spirit of a diverse interpretation of the world from students who contributed to images this week. Selections show a strong reminder of the power of storytelling through imagery, while also exemplifying a creative spirit.