Pictures of the Week

It’s Week 15 here at Brooks Institute which means no sleep, lots of stress, and beautiful imagery. This week’s submissions show off some work done in the final weeks of classes. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Brooks InSight this semester! Enjoy your break!

Through Sickness and In Health

In 2013 my father, Todd Verrill, had a severe stroke. He was airlifted at first to one hospital, and by the time they got him to the next hospital he was in a coma. He was in the coma for one month, on and off. He spent at least three months in the hospital, including a rehabilitation […]

Million-Dollar Experience

“I had this thought of, ‘I would’ve paid a million dollars for this experience,’” Jessica Hoover said about experiencing an out-of-hospital birth. In October she became part of the 1.36% of mothers in the United States who decided to have their baby out-of-hospital with a midwife. An out-of-hospital birth can take place at a birth […]

Pictures of the Week

Color shines bright with this week’s selections. The Pictures of the Week show off architecture, events, flowers, and light. All Brooks students and alumni re welcome to contribute. Submit your images to

Not So Secret Locations

  To many people, Ventura County is a place to enjoy the beach, work, and raise a family. To the students at Brooks Institute, Ventura County is one big photo shoot. There are many obvious places to photograph around the city of Ventura such as the Ventura Pier, downtown Ventura, and Grant Park, but there are […]

Pictures of the Week

  Pictures of the Week is a way for us to showcase the talent at Brooks Institute. It’s a chance to show the work that comes from all the different types of students here. This week’s pictures showcase the talented Barclay Fernandez, Kamilo Bustamante, Alicia Afshar, Zachary Kelly, and Dominic Crowley.