Design Concepts

The best graphic design is rooted in meaning and impact. These samples from recent Brooks Graphic Design students reflect that. The images are technically strong, of course, but the meaning – the concept – behind the images shines brightest, though sometimes not at first glance.

Animation Showreel

In the Computer Animation 1 class in the Graphic Design Department at Brooks, students are introduced to high-end 3D software and the basic principles of movement and animation. Students follow step-by-step instruction to create the illusion of momentum and weight and character performance on film, using the cutting-edge and industry-standard software, Autodesk Maya. The Principles […]

Pictures of the Week

Our pictures this week show the impact that black and white images can have against their color counterparts. And the ocean is once again a focus for photographers, showing its moods in the early morning and late-afternoon.

Motion Graphics Portfolio

Motion Graphics Portfolio from Brooks Insight on Vimeo. Animation, and the sophisticated software that creates it, is now as much a part of the Graphic Design landscape as Typography, Design and Illustration. It’s a hybrid tool, mixing print and design skills with the film and video medium. Making things move brings viewers a richer visual […]

Participant Media Internship

Participant Media is offering paid internships across their film, digital, and television divisions in both Los Angeles and New York. All applicants must be current students to be considered. Pay is $12 per hour with a minimum of 16 hours of work per week. Summer Session internships (June-August) can be submitted in March. To Apply […]

Pictures of the Week

This installment of Pictures of the Week features work by Sylvia Spiro and Alanna Haslam.