Between Rocks

On a recent evening a friend and I made a spontaneous decision to go rock climbing and camping, marking the first time in four years that we had seen each other.  My partner in crime was Gavin Wasmer, whom I have know for about five years and used to surf with frequently.  While I’ve only […]

Finding New Creations.

Brooks Institute Professional Photography student Kamilo Bustamante had a big imagination and big dreams as a child; he loved to create things and was introduced to artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, textile art and sculpture. Bustamante loved to express his imagination by working with hands, but it was not until he found photography that […]

Surf n’ Turf

Surfers Kevin Smallwood, Lorin Moll and I ventured to the famous Rincon Beach in Santa Barbara, California, on October 21, 2014. We were determined to charge to the beach and steal a surf session after sunset.  Even though the orange sky of the sunset was disappearing quickly we ran to the beach with smiles on our […]

Pictures of the Week

This week’s installment of Pictures of the Week includes work by Hanna Yamamoto, Hilary Swift, Katurah Ashby and Brandon Wholihan.

Get Lost in Color Land

  Ross Thayer has been a landscape photographer for three and a half years. Before chasing light and breathtaking landscapes, Thayer was a painter. His grandmother taught him when he was a little kid and has found a new piece of art which is photography. He believes that photographing is like painting and photoshop is working […]

Organic or Else

Full-time landscaper Tom Stebbins began volunteering as a farmer at a 13-acre farm owned by the Farmer and The Cook restaurant in Ojai, California, about three years ago.  The Farmer and The Cook is a popular organic eatery that specializes in farm to table cuisine.  Stebbins has not only been farming, but learning so  much about organic produce […]

Pictures of the Week

This installment of Pictures of the Week features work by Jackson Compean, Ross Thayer and Sophia Billikopf.

The Wild Wild Drought

I’ve never photographed a ranch before.  But as I was driving to Roger Haley’s ranch in Ojai I began to ease into the pressure of capturing moments. Upon my arrival Mr. Haley himself walked up to me with a big smile on his face and said, “Howdy!”  Shadowing him on his daily rounds I felt like family as […]


In Briana Diamond’s night photography she examines her powerful connection with nature, and how it reflects in her work.