With a photographic memory, a genius IQ, and the drinking habits of Charles Bukowski, 20-year-old Blake Zimring finds his voice through a new form of art. From oil paintings of demonic faces on canvas, to sharpie murals on backyard walls, he finds a way to create something expressive out of everything he touches. This piece is called, […]

365 Strangers

What started out as a high school project during Marie Eriel Hobro’s sophomore year of high school  in Hawaii evolved into something much bigger. In 2011 she was given an assignment that forced her to photograph random strangers on the street. After her photo teacher, Keith Sasada, introduced Hobro to street photography and portraits, she […]


Cycles from Alicia Afshar on Vimeo. “People can make you feel like a slave,” says Maria Perez on Ventura Avenue in Ventura, California, as she watches rain go down the gutter. “He was telling me, ‘Oh its good that you tell her to go away, because she doesn’t want to see how I’m gonna kill […]

La Boda

  La Boda (‘The Wedding’) of Maritza Gonzalez and Juan Gonzalez took place in Salinas, California, on Saturday, September 19, 2015. The sacred ceremony took place in the Santa Maria Church. Yesenia Morones delivered the kneeling pillows to the bride and groom as Erick Mendoza, the ring bearer, brought the rings to the altar. The […]

Seniors Have Their Moments

During the summer of 2015, students from Brooks Institute took an intensive Sports Photography class and most traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to document the National Senior Games. This group of students was hired by the National Senior Games Association to provide photographs of athletes during peak action moments as well as features in between the […]