About Brooks InSight



The fall 2015 staff: From left, James Stanley, Jose Marquez, Zachary Kelly, Alicia Afshar, Courtney Verrill, Martin Seidlitz, Elissa Simons, Kelsey White, Jessica Gallagher, Shannon Neilon and Instructor Matt Moody. (Missing: Dominic Crowley, Rachael Etter and Rebekah Romero)

Brooks InSight is produced by students enrolled in the Online Publication class offered at Brooks Institute. In this class, students gain hands-on experience producing, editing and packaging web-based content in an editorial environment.

Students involved with the production of Brooks InSight are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and journalistic integrity.

Brooks InSight launched in 2014 under the direction of Brooks Visual Journalism Instructor Joe Gosen, and continues with current Brooks Instructor Matt Moody. Its goal is showcasing a variety of outstanding work produced by students from all of the programs at Brooks Institute. Brooks students and alumni are encouraged to contact us  if you would like the Brooks InSight class to consider one of your stories or projects for publication. Contact us at brooksinsight@gmail.com.

Students interested in enrolling in the Online Publication course can contact any instructor in the Visual Journalism program to learn more.

Course Information

Course Title: Online Publication
Course Code: SPT300 VA
Credit Hours: 3 Semester
Instructor: Matt Moody
Email: mmoody@brooks.edu

Course Description: In this course students gain experience producing and editing Brooks Insight, which is a web-based, visually driven online magazine. Students will work as an editorial team to create, commission and edit stories and projects for publication. Together with their editorial colleagues, students will both organize and execute the photography, multimedia, audio and text requirements of the publication. The editorial process is covered from beginning to end, from story planning to the final product. Leadership, teamwork, production schedules and ethical considerations will be factored into the planning and editing processes.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Critically analyze stories and projects for their publication value.
  • Apply tools and technologies associated with the production of an online publication.
  • Produce, edit and package stories, using text, photos, audio and visual content in ways that are suitable for an online publication.
  • Make editorial decisions based on professional visual journalism standards.
  • Work successfully as an editorial team to meet publication deadlines and other production demands.