Through Sickness and In Health

In 2013 my father, Todd Verrill, had a severe stroke. He was airlifted at first to one hospital, and by the time they got him to the next hospital he was in a coma. He was in the coma for one month, on and off. He spent at least three months in the hospital, including a rehabilitation center. After the stroke Todd could not walk, write, or do the things necessary to take care of himself.

My mother, Brooke, had to take time off work to become his primary care giver. Fortunately, he recovered well and my mother was able to go back to work. This multimedia piece follows my mother and her journey through this experience.

I worked on this piece for about four months. People always ask me, “how did you do a story on your own family? Was it hard?”

For me, this was my way of coping. It made me realize how close my family is and how much we all love each other. It was also amazing to see the progress my dad made throughout the project.