Will You Marry Me?

This semester at Brooks Institute I took the wedding photography class taught by Tim Meyer. Wedding photography is one of the most common ways for young photographers to get work.

Unfortunately for me, just the idea of shooting a couple’s intimate moments was enough to give me a heart attack. This is what I was hoping to change in Tim’s class.

In the class we learned not only how to work with couples, but also how to handle the business aspects of weddings, which I found to be the most valuable. I went into this class not excited about photographing couples because I always felt that I was invading a private moment between the two.

However, I realized it is really about capturing that moment and being able to share it with them forever. Working with different couples was definitely my favorite part of the class and I will continue to photograph couples after this class is over.

-Mikailin Perry

(Note: not all couples featured in the photographs are engaged or married.)