The Building of St. Barbara Monastery


St. Barbara Monastery is an Orthodox Christian Monastery founded in 1992. It has been located in Santa Paula, Calif., since 2005 and is currently in the process of building a church.

The building of anything is a process, whether it be a church or the beginning of your religion. You must start from the bottom up and create a stable base so its walls can be cast high and strong. Without the foundation it is nothing. Without the support beams it is nothing.

Volunteers are working on the church and helping around the property to make the church whole. These volunteers and believers are also what help makes this place so strong.

The sisters of the Monastery grow lavender products and have a small bookstore and online gift shop where they sell local honey to help pay for their living expenses. They started construction on the chapel May 16, 2013, and the project is ongoing. The sisters are building the chapel and also a community for their fellow Orthodox Christians to have a place for worship.

At St. Barbara Orthodox Monastery the mothers (the nuns) are the support of the orthodox community. They welcome in visitors and fellow believers with open arms. With these open arms they share the word of God and the beliefs of Orthodox Christians.

I hope to show how the building of this chapel will also help build a community.