With a photographic memory, a genius IQ, and the drinking habits of Charles Bukowski, 20-year-old Blake Zimring finds his voice through a new form of art. From oil paintings of demonic faces on canvas, to sharpie murals on backyard walls, he finds a way to create something expressive out of everything he touches. This piece is called, Rataplan, to echo Zimring’s tapping and beating on tables and counters while he completes his art. His drawings are created through obsessive repetition of form.

This film was made in the days prior to his 20th birthday which is the 10-year anniversary of his father’s death. Blake has tried to cope with the death of his father in many different ways, but mainly by abusing prescription drugs and alcohol. He writes fictional short stories, poetry, and novels loosely based around his life experiences. He recently rediscovered his passion for expressing himself through painting, sketching and drawing. This short film embodies Blake’s journey through struggle and life experience. Blake is currently living in a halfway house due to a manic episode that happened in 2014. He completed rehab and remains sober to this day.