Motion Graphics Portfolio

Motion Graphics Portfolio from Brooks Insight on Vimeo.

Animation, and the sophisticated software that creates it, is now as much a part of the Graphic Design landscape as Typography, Design and Illustration. It’s a hybrid tool, mixing print and design skills with the film and video medium.

Making things move brings viewers a richer visual experience than one that sits quietly static on a page, well-designed maybe, but still static and a bit lonely. The visual effects industry must constantly find new and more interesting ways to create campaigns, sell products, and entertain a restless public. This is especially true for young people who’ve only known video and the appeal of moving pictures.

An important animation tool is Adobe After Effects, now a key part of the crowded toolbox for designers and video makers. It is charged with developing motion graphics and effects for movies, television shows and commercials, music videos, advertising, informational graphics and data visualizations, as well as logos, games and website development.

This is a small slice of recent work from Brooks Institute’s Motion Graphics classes.