Take Photographs, Survive, Eat, Sleep

Twice a semester, Ralph Clevenger of Brooks Institute takes his Natural History Photography class on a camping trip.  Clevenger states that the two purposes of these trips are to “One: Give students the experience of a real assignment, where they go to a location and have nothing else to do but create images for their client, and Two: Because they are not at home and have no distractions. The only things they have to do are take photographs, survive, eat and sleep,”

The first trip took place during week 7 at Butano State Park in Pescadero, Calif., about a 6 hour drive north of Ventura.  For many students, this trip was the perfect getaway from school, work, technology and responsibilities.  With no cell service and no electricity, all that the students had was the company of one another and their cameras to document their adventures.