The Journey

The Journey from Elissa Simons on Vimeo.

“The Journey” is a short artist profile on Michael Tine, a painter, sculptor, philosopher, and inspiration.

Tine says he draws inspiration for his sculptures from art history, philosophy, ancient civilizations and classical sculpture techniques.  His paintings, on the other hand, are purely personal projects and have only been seen by the public once at a gallery in Ventura.  

“Painting is much more personal, ” he says. “It’s just the ideas that rattle around inside my head… It’s kind of like the subconscious method that the surrealists use… it’s kind of like letting things go.”

“Anything from sexuality, death, conflict, love, emotions of brotherhood or connection with nature. It’s how I explore my own mind.  The tangled mess between these two ears always finds its way out.”

Tine moved to Ventura ten years ago, after searching for a piece of marble to create a large-scale sculpture from.  Located in Long Beach at the time, he found his perfect piece of marble in Ventura at Art City.  Weighing close to four thousand pounds, he figured it would be more economically efficient to relocate himself rather than relocate the stone. 

After finishing the large-scale project, Tine loved the community so much that he stayed.  He is now a part of Art City, a community of artists who rent out personal spaces on a large lot to create their artwork.  Ranging from stone workers to metal workers, carpenters to glass blowers, Art City is an eclectic scene of artists who work together as a community to create personal as well as collaborative pieces.