La Boda


La Boda (‘The Wedding’) of Maritza Gonzalez and Juan Gonzalez took place in Salinas, California, on Saturday, September 19, 2015. The sacred ceremony took place in the Santa Maria Church. Yesenia Morones delivered the kneeling pillows to the bride and groom as Erick Mendoza, the ring bearer, brought the rings to the altar. The ceremony closed with tears of joy and a handshake with the person next to you which is called, “La Paz,” and symbolizes peace and hope with those around you.

At the reception, mole, rice, and beans were served as a mariachi played in a large barn in the middle of a dusty, old farm. The stretch limo pulled up inside the barn to let out the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Tejana hats, vaquero boots, and embezzled belts were worn by the men, as the women danced in an assortment of colorful dresses that sparkled in the late hours of the night. After the dances with the bride and her father, followed by a dollar dance where everyone contributes whatever they can to support the newlyweds, and then a dance with the bride and groom, there was a surprise dance.

The surprise dance was from Maritza to Juan, where she and her bridesmaids practiced for months and choreographed to a variety of songs. The next dance is called, Vivora del Mar, which means “Snake of the Sea.” In this dance, the bridesmaids and all the women that attend the wedding link hands and run around the dance floor and throughout the tables faster and faster to the beat of the music. The men do the same dance following the women, except they try to knock over the groom as she stands on a chair surrounded by all the women. That leads into another dance called, Baile del Muerto, which means, “Dance of Death.” At this wedding, the men took off Juan’s clothes, and covered him in beer and water as they raised him up and carried him throughout the barn. The wedding came to a close well after midnight where everyone came together to help clean up the mess that had been made..