Kamilo’s Flights

Not many people have the opportunity to look at the city they live in from above, certainly not at the exact time of day they want and with the capability to pop open a window and take a great  picture. Kamilo Bustamante, however, has had the opportunity to go out on regular flights with his friend Marc Hermann and capture Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Ventura and its surroundings from above, while soaring in Marc’s Diamond DA-40 aircraft.

The first time Kamilo and Marc went flying they didn’t really intend to take pictures. Kamilo wanted to give his sister a memorable experience that she would be able to remember for the rest of her life, and being the photographer he is, he took his camera with him. The results of that first-time flight around Sacramento, the city where Kamilo grew up, were visually stunning. While he was in the air Kamilo got a view of the construction site of the new Sacramento Kings Arena. His capture got him noticed by Golden One Center, the company building the new stadium for the Kings, and he’s currently talking to them about the possibility of documenting the building process of the stadium throughout its construction process.

After the great response of his first flight, and after a planned flight over Folsom Lake, Kamilo decided to take another flight and this time plan it more in depth. Time of day, angle of view as well as landmarks were a few of the factors that determined their flight route. This flight brought more stunning results of the Los Angeles and Ventura areas, inspiring him and motivating him even more to go out and capture more beautiful images.

An interesting story shared by Kamilo was how he was able to get the shot of the plane taking off out of LAX. He explains how the less transited airspace around LAX is actually right over it at a high altitude in order photograph the airport. The results were visually intriguing given the angle of view Kamilo had. For some shots, Marc had to tilt the plane sideways for a few seconds, enough for Kamilo to get the shot and then level the aircraft quickly and without going too far off route.

To view these and more pictures of Kamilo and Marc’s flights, visit @aeroclique on instagram, or visit Kamilo’s website: www.kamilobustamante.com