Let’s Get Close

This past weekend I did EPK (Electronic Press Kit) photography on set for a music video called “Let’s Get Close” by R&B artist Heather Fay. EPK is a type of behind-the-scenes photography/video that gives the artist or project exposure and publicity. It’s always an interesting challenge to get good photos while working around everyone on set, but it’s great practice for learning how to be an inconspicuous photographer, as well as a great opportunity for networking with people from other media platforms.

Most of the crew working on set had attended Brooks at one time or another and are now either working professionally or furthering their education. Tyler Michael James, the director, has created beautiful award winning music videos in the past. Seeing him direct and make his vision come to life is a highly inspiring and motivational experience. The professional atmosphere and quality of work from this music video are at an industry level, not to mention Heather Fay’s music career itself will be taking off soon. The video will be released sometime in the next few weeks.