San Francisco Dreaming

I often find myself itching to travel but lately I have spent more time stuck in front of a computer writing school papers or editing documentaries than I have going on adventures. For the last few months I haven’t had the time to just disconnect and get away without any responsibility but I finally made some time to make a quick escape up north.

After packing up my car named Floyd I hopped on U.S. 101 for San Francisco. I don’t mind long drives, especially when it is headed for one of my favorite cities in the world. Growing up I visited the Bay Area often with my family and friends and I have always had such a spectacular time exploring the crowded and vibrant city.

I wanted to show a collection of photos from my most recent visit as well as some of my favorites from San Francisco I have taken in the past. It’s always a great pleasure to visit an amazing city and it was so sad to leave. But I won’t be gone for long. This isn’t “goodbye,” it’s “I’ll see you soon!”