Our Imaginations are Limitless

I have always loved to escape into my imagination. I grew up in a home of Czechoslovakian immigrants who came to the United States in 1967. I’ve been fortunate to visit the Czech Republic and Slovakia many times over the years.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the folklore and fairy-tales of that culture. I like to visualize fictional scenes in my mind, and then I photograph the components and composite them.

As a child, I remember being transported into other worlds as I turned the pages of the book series The Chronicles of Narnia, and the film The Wizard of Oz inspired my Yellow Brick Road illustration.  Like these classic tales, I want my images to transport others into their imaginations.

The concept that I focused on this semester was centered around trees and incorporating people into nature in an imaginative way.  I utilized a combination of photographing people in the studio and outdoors and then photographing trees and landscapes of California that evoke those memories of my childhood.

I am excited about the skills I have been learning at Brooks.  I know now that I am limited only by my imagination and if I visualize a scene, I can create it and make it come to life.