Keeping Creative


Something everyone tells me is, “shoot more than just school assignments in order to keep your creativity alive”. This is something that I have been doing to keep my momentum at school going. Even though I am able to take the assignments I am given at school and add my spin of creativity on them, there are still major restrictions. Sometimes you just get in a lull and don’t know what to do. Shooting outside of school is one of the key reasons I do not get bored or frustrated with my class assignments. Thankfully, over the last 3 years I have been able to become a part of a magazine called Local Wolves. Even though shooting for a magazine requires assignments, just like at school, they are all assignments based around what I love to do and am most passionate about; music and entertainment.

Local Wolves assigns me live concerts, musician features, bloggers, Youtubers and popular do-it-yourself-ers. Usually I get full creativity control on the shoots.  Photographing for the magazine has not only helped me keep my creativity going, but has also helped network with others in different industries. Even though shooting for Local Wolves involves a lot of commuting, the experience is worth it because I am able to do something I love while benefiting from it both in school and my career.