I needed to See, and A Letter to You

Dear Family, Teachers, Classmates, and School,

Dear You, Dear Me:

I’ve been carrying a heavy weight for the last three years at school, and mostly of my life too.
And I can’t graduate without being able to send you this letter.
I was always wanting to tell you how much I admire you. I always wanted to tell you how much I believe in you.
And why I didn’t?
Because I was too afraid, I couldn’t even see it on myself.
Something change along the way,
I was reminded to be an artist to my heart.
It wasn’t easy, but I started to see all those beautiful things that we can do,
if we decide, to allow ourselves, to design our lives.
Yes, it is confusing. What should I do next? Why I am not proud of my work? Where should I go?
I feel you, I felt like that too.
But I promised myself that I wouldn’t let me down,
that I would fight peacefully to find my path.
I re-born my eyes, not to see fear in people,
not to capture a moment to make money,
but I re-born my eyes to bring all those sorrows,
all those smiles,
all those insights to shine.
Of course we want money,
we want our equipment too,
but it shouldn’t be to gain power, and competition.
But to allow those tools, money and equipment,
to create with our imagination,
and embrace all the stories to bring Light to
the world.

With Love,

Sophia Billikopf

Thank you so much for being always an inspiration for me! You might have seen some of these photos before, but I never told you how I really felt about them. I learned how to be proud of my work not long ago, and I want to say to all students something: Always love your work no matter where you are. If you love it, you can always get better and better..fear is not going to take you anywhere.

Open the captions in my photographs, they represent how I feel about my work, and why I am proud of it. All those photographs helped me find my voice, and my purpose in Life.