West Indians on the Road


One evening, as the Christmas lights hung from the living room ceiling, Monique and I spoke of many things: fools, kings, and road trips. After concluding that we most certainly needed to venture out on a road trip, the decision of where to go was a conundrum.

Monique Theroulde moved to Southern California from Trinidad seven months ago to attend Brooks Institute. Theroulde was born in Philadelphia but moved back to the West Indies shortly after her birth. Now that she’s back in the states she wanted to see as much as possible. On November 26, 2014 at 10:30 p.m we began our journey into the great unknown (also known as the United States highway system.)

As we made our way out of California into Nevada, Theroulde marveled at the Las Vegas strip and the way it lit up the dry land like stars. When we reached Utah the sun did not rise until about 6:45am.

“There’s no better way to wake up than to be forced to take a portrait in ten-degree temperatures when you’re used to living in weather that doesn’t drop below 80 degrees,” Said Theroulde.

After making several stops to see various attractions such as rocks, open fields, mountains, canyons, gas stations, and wild animals we arrived in Colorado. The sky was gray and the roads white with snow.

“This is my first time seeing snow!” Theroulde exclaimed. “I love this!”

As Theroulde prepared to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday she waded in the warmth and love my family offered.

After ten red bulls, 3,000 miles, two winter jackets, three layers of clothes and 10 hours of 90’s throwback music the trip came to a satisfying end. We traveled through mountains, over rivers under tunnels over bridges and came to fully appreciate why airplanes were invented.