Famous Franks are in Town

Alfonso Betancourth opened World Famous Franks, a gourmet hotdog truck, in January 2014. Since then he’s heard remarks ranging from “you only have one truck, how is it world famous?” to “but your name isn’t Frank!”

“The name refers to famous people named Frank, like Ben Franklin, Frank Sinatra, and Frank Lloyd Wright for example,” Betancourth politely explains to his customers. “Each specialty hotdog has an array of ingredients ranging from sliced apple to garlic aioli, and blue cheese crumbles.”

Betacourth has been a chef for over 15 years, and running Franks is no recent aspiration. “Throughout the years, Franks had always been on my mind,” he said. “It’s been ten years in the making.”

Betancourth lives with his wife Ona and two sons, Micah, 6, and Baron, 3, in the city of Ventura, California. He thought Ventura County would be a perfect place to try out his idea for the food truck. “The nice weather and the ability to move the truck place to place has been key for the business,” he says.

In just under a year the business has done so well that Betancourth can now rely on other staff to operate the truck without him for most afternoons during the week. He can work from his home office and manage other issues that may come up for the truck, answer emails, and help with after school child care for his son Micah.

Betancourth enjoys the ability to spend more time with his family, take on other catering projects, and even play in a community softball league. He is extremely grateful for everyone in his life, from family and friends, and to customers that have helped him achieve his goals. “It’s a fellowship in here, it’s a brotherhood that I’m very luck to have,” he said.