Roman Fashion


“What am I supposed to do with my hands?” fashion model Edwin Roman asked during a recent photo shoot. “I never know what to do with my hands!” he said.  “And what about my arms!? Are they just supposed to hang here?”

Edwin Roman’s frustration was clear as he fidgeted on set in the middle of a golden field in Ojai, California, and began shifting his body in hopes of striking a perfect pose. “I should have shaved…this is not neat,” Roman lamented.

Twenty-year-old Roman recently decided he’s ready to break into the modeling business. After striking up a passion for piecing clothing together, Roman started an Instagram page called “romanfashion” in hopes of inspiring and influencing others to consider wearing one of his ensembles and expressing themselves.

When I met Roman I quickly learned how deeply he cares not only about making people look good, but also feel good about how the way they look. “I just want to give everybody a chance to express how they feel through what they wear,” he said as we assembled outfits for a photo shoot.

As we walked through the city and looked for backgrounds that complimented the clothing we had chosen. as we began to shoot, Roman displayed timidity. After some words of encouragement and instruction, I saw the spark ignite: Roman was inspired, excited and motivated.

Now Roman is working on a look book for his fashion as well as modeling. Maintaining all of these things as well as being a full time student and employee with very little free time  can cause artistic schedule conflicts, but Roman pushes on.

Allowing yourself to follow your dreams despite the condemnation of others is like watering a garden that hasn’t had water for a while: It allows your potential to bloom and your destiny to flourish. When you set your mind to something there is no one and nothing that can stop you from reaching your goal. Edwin Roman has grasped that concept… and he’s running with it.