Finding New Creations.

Brooks Institute Professional Photography student Kamilo Bustamante had a big imagination and big dreams as a child; he loved to create things and was introduced to artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, textile art and sculpture. Bustamante loved to express his imagination by working with hands, but it was not until he found photography that his imagination set free. “I am amazed at the freedom my imagination is given with the study and increase of technical skill,” Bustamente said of his education at Brooks.

Since his first camera, was a Canon Rebel T3i gifted by  parents for his 16th birthday in 2011, Bustamante have been able to freely express myself and my vision through photography, a medium he love very much. Bustamante was hooked and he wanted to become a photographer.

His ultimate goal is to not just take photographs, but create images. “I invite everyone with a vision to take part, no matter the medium, be free, create and never be afraid to express yourself.” Bustamante said.