Adventure in Joshua Tree

A few weeks ago I decided to finally do something I had been promising myself to do for nearly two years: take a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. I have seen much of California’s wilderness, yet until recently I was still unfamiliar with the high deserts that occupy so much of the inland terrain of Southern California.

So with much excitement and a trusted traveling companion (Madison Sano,) I set off for the desert!
Over the next two days we adventured through the park with with all the plentiful zeal that is so easily mustered on such journeys.

From the highest peak in the park, Ryan Mountain, to the Cholla Cactus Gardens in Pinto Basin we climbed, shot, napped under the shade of my car, and climbed some more. Joshua Tree truly is a climbers paradise; by the end of the trip Madison and I had raw fingertips and plenty of scrapes to attest to the weekend’s rock conquests (and a few failures.)

By the end of the weekend, the two of us were sore, dirty and tired, but we were content with everything the park had given us.