Nature and Portraits

Photography has always been very important to me, even before I was taking my own photos. I could scan a magazine or surf the Internet and get lost in the beauty of our world. What jumped out to me the most was landscape and nature photography. The great photographer that spoke to me the most was Ansel Adams. I was inspired by the work he did in Yosemite National Park and how he was able to capture images that told a story with no words. I knew then that I too wanted to capture beautiful landscapes and the unique nature of our world and show it to others, and perhaps they would be inspired by me in turn. I know that if it weren’t for that love I had for nature and landscape photography, I wouldn’t be where I am to today and that’s something I am thankful for.

Brooks is just the current stop for me. I intend to go onto capturing beautiful images with a great technical knowledge under my belt, and show the world landscapes and vast beauty that it may have never seen before. My inspiration has always been to surround myself with the great outdoors and photograph until I run out of room on my memory cards, and I would always make sure I had backups! That’s why the majority of my portraiture is outdoors, in natural environments and lighting. I try to stay away from the complicated and expensive lighting setups. Being able to understand and photograph in natural and ambient light means the most to me, and it allows me to deliver some amazing portrait work.

To understand and master this light is my ultimate goal. There are so many greats that have done it before me but I am determined and I will offer something different from the work of other photographers. You’ll see me walking around, camera strapped to my shoulder and a 5-1 or 7-1 reflector in the opposite hand and that’s all I need to create beautiful, natural work. I know whether it’s landscape, portraiture or nature, I’ll love being in the great outdoors and producing those “wow” images for years to come!