Through the Eyes of a Woman

The world of sports is dominated by men and sports photography is no different. In an interview with Courtney Verrill, she talks about being a sports photographer and her experience with shooting sports as a woman.

Her interest for many years was volleyball since she’s been around it most of her life.  Her mom is a volleyball coach and her sister who plays volleyball in college, Heather Verrill, is her main inspiration when shooting.

“I want her to see herself as the amazing player that I think she is, and I try to show her that with my photos,” She explains.

Her first shooting assignment was through the school newspaper her sophomore year of high school. She was asked to shoot sports and immediately fell in love with it.

“My favorite sport to shoot is probably volleyball because I know the game so well,” She says. “I love sports because I love the passion that comes with it. It’s amazing to see not only athletes, but the audience get lost in the game and forget about everything else for a little bit.”

As a woman she says that being in a field with mostly men can be challenging. “Sometimes it can be difficult because people look at me and don’t really expect me to shoot sports or like sports so they don’t take me as seriously,” Verrill says.

However, she is confident in her abilities as a photographer and as a woman in the field that she will succeed and be recognized for her talents.