Surf n’ Turf

Surfers Kevin Smallwood, Lorin Moll and I ventured to the famous Rincon Beach in Santa Barbara, California, on October 21, 2014. We were determined to charge to the beach and steal a surf session after sunset.  Even though the orange sky of the sunset was disappearing quickly we ran to the beach with smiles on our faces like little kids.  Soon we would be lit only by moonlight.

The warm breeze and strong tides pushing me through the water with my camera made me feel at home. I had forgotten how a Northwest swell felt during the Fall/Winter seasons. It felt nice to be floating around in the colorful and refreshing ocean reflecting the sunset. I began to realize how truly thankful I am to have such great friends and opportunities to capture these adventures through the lens.  As the sky darkened, I met the challenge of a photographer not having enough light, but that is when my creativity came out.  Using slow shutter speeds my images started to come alive.  Out of the water we watched the moon rise over us.

Back at the car, Kevin took out his guitar and started playing under the moonlight. Lorin and I began dancing to the rhythm of the strings. Afterwards the boys grabbed their skateboards carved the streets imagining the concrete was the ocean. “When I am skating, I feel like I’m surfing the streets,” Kevin said.