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Between Rocks

On a recent evening a friend and I made a spontaneous decision to go rock climbing and camping, marking the first time in four years that we had seen each other.  My partner in crime was Gavin Wasmer, whom I have know for about five years and used to surf with frequently.  While I’ve only […]

Finding New Creations.

Brooks Institute Professional Photography student Kamilo Bustamante had a big imagination and big dreams as a child; he loved to create things and was introduced to artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, textile art and sculpture. Bustamante loved to express his imagination by working with hands, but it was not until he found photography that […]

Adventure in Joshua Tree

A few weeks ago I decided to finally do something I had been promising myself to do for nearly two years: take a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. I have seen much of California’s wilderness, yet until recently I was still unfamiliar with the high deserts that occupy so much of the inland terrain […]

Water in the Desert

In the mountains of Apple Valley, California, the Pacific Coast Trail winds its way through switchbacks and inclines, presenting a tempting opportunity for both experienced and novice hikers. On November 15, 2014, Brenna Elliott, Skyler Eve and I set out to hike part of the PCT and set up camp under the stars next to […]

The Cuban People

Two months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba for the first time. Although the visit was short it was very special and opened my eyes to a new culture. Life in Cuba was different from anything I’ve ever experienced.  I arrived with an open mind and no expectations and I was completely […]

Roman Fashion

  “What am I supposed to do with my hands?” fashion model Edwin Roman asked during a recent photo shoot. “I never know what to do with my hands!” he said.  “And what about my arms!? Are they just supposed to hang here?” Edwin Roman’s frustration was clear as he fidgeted on set in the […]

Struggling to Surface

Editor’s note: The identity of the subject in this story has been changed to protect her privacy. “My name is Althea and I’m a junkie.” This is how Althea, 21, starts her Friday nights –– at an AA meeting. Althea comes from a middle class, suburban family in central Vermont and is one of many […]

Water Polo Mania

In a conference game against the Buena High Bulldogs, the Santa Barbara High Dons boys varsity water polo team narrowly won in the final minutes of their game on Oct. 14, 2014 at Buena High School in Ventura, California. Both teams were very evenly matched, each trading the lead throughout the game.  The game was […]

Pictures of the Week

This installment of Pictures of the Week features work by Jeremy Gehler,  Nate Mandurrago, and Art Phillipe.

Love to Fly

Most people would be satisfied spending their free time surfing, diving, hiking and mountain biking.  But for Lars Helgeson, owner of an internet marketing software business called GreenRope, the stress and pressure of his job isn’t so easily remedied.  Helgeson loves all those activities but when he really needs to get away from it all […]