The Goldsmith

Combining special jewelry-making techniques and spiritual energy, Margaret Cowhig has been creating jewelry that is unique to the wearer for almost twenty years. Rather than mindlessly churning out repetitive pieces of jewelry, Cohwig ponders over her tools as she considers her customers’ personalities and characteristics.

The jewelry that Cowhig creates aren’t just for looks, but also reflective of the wearer’s personality. When working on a piece for a client, she will often ask them, “Do you want more groundedness, do you want more solidity, do you want more lightness and humor, or playfulness in your life?” It might be a feeling or something abstract, but those emotions or abstract thoughts are what provide a closer relationship between the gold and the wearer.

“One of the things that fascinated me the most was the idea of making jewelry that could heal,” says Cowhig. “There is such a mystique around gold from all the cultures of the world. It has been so revered, and I feel the reason for that is that it’s a really powerful element.”

Working with an energy healer in the recent months has shown Cowhig a different side to the art she creates and how the human physiology is impacted by this element, thus why tailoring the pieces to be very specific to each customer is her ultimate goal.

“I still feel that working with the gold is a really profound journey. There is just something so healing about it, something that just moves me on a deep level,” says Cohwig. “To be honest, I don’t fully understand that yet. Life’s a journey, so interview me again when I’m sixty and we will see where that has gone.”