Get Lost in Color Land


Ross Thayer has been a landscape photographer for three and a half years. Before chasing light and breathtaking landscapes, Thayer was a painter. His grandmother taught him when he was a little kid and has found a new piece of art which is photography. He believes that photographing is like painting and photoshop is working in the details of the art piece.”Its like  instant painting,” Thayer said. He desires to adventure to known exotic destinations and take it to another level. “I strive for sunrise and nights capes,” he said. “I accomplish to show through my work beauty, appreciation and inspiration.”


Thayer believes that Mono Lake and Yosemite can never get old to photograph. I enjoy traveling to locations that have four seasons unlike Southern California, where its always sunny. If he does decide to stay local, Thayer drives to Joshua Tree. He enjoys to wander around these sort of locations every weekend and capture a different point of views that other photographers don’t accomplish very often. Once he is done photographing, the excitement and fulfillment begins for Thayer. “I can’t stop looking at the back of my camera when driving back to my edit room,” he said. Once he gets back he finishes up his master pieces. “My photo is never finished until it has been printed and brought to life, otherwise its just a dead file in a hard drive,” Thayer said. His best advice for new nature photographers is to sell their equipment that stays on the shelf, so you have enough income to travel and get useful gear.

“In nature, I feel relaxed and at peace,” Thayer said. “Sharing my adventures and telling my story is what makes me so passionate for what I do.”

His mother is his number one fan.