Cuba Underwater

I met some amazing people while diving in Cuba after something incredible happened. I was scuba diving, and suddenly I saw someone without a tank or scuba gear. He was free diving deep down among sunken boats, coral and fish.

“I hold my breath for 3 minutes,” Pablo Balmaceda said once we were back on the boat. He explained that he loves to free dive. It helps him to connect with nature and his own capacities in a powerful way. He controls his time by analyzing his heartbeats; when they start to get slower and slower, he knows it’s time to go up.

We live in a world where we have detached ourselves from nature. Caught up in our daily routines, sometimes we forget about the simple things that bring us closer to the truth. Every time I go swimming or diving I get to connect again, not only with the beautiful things that we have around us, but also with myself.

When I am underwater I am reminded how fragile life is. I am present, observing all the beautiful things that are living around me.