Behind the Scenes.

My name is Rachael Etter. I am a documentarian who captures life as it happens and tells the truth of what life is like in that moment of time. Photography and Documentary are what I live and breathe. After a year at Rochester, I decided to get a bachelors degree at Brooks Institute. Coming to Brooks was the best decision I have ever made. I learned how to be a better photographer, to be more professional, to be a film maker and most of all to tell peoples’ stories. As a crew, we all become a family.

When I’m on set, I feel like I can be myself and show my true colors. I feel as if my personality speaks through my work as a set photographer. I capture a story in a story. I desire acknowledgement for not only the actors, but the makers of the films. I have worked on many movie sets such as, “Ai,” “For the Birds” and “The Way We Were.”

I have worked on set from small films to portfolio films at Brooks Institute and photographed over 40 movie sets. The best moment on set was when I was on 10-10-10,  the crew had to film a sex scene and we couldn’t help but laugh because we all have goofy personalities. The long days are what makes the sets just as fun.