Adams Apple Orchard

The state of Vermont relies heavily on its tourism to inflate the economy. Autumn is a particularly busy time for many Vermont companies. The changing leaves, cold air and mountains attract many out-of-staters, but perhaps the most iconic part of fall in New England is apple picking.

Adams Apple Orchard and Farm Market in Williston, Vermont is a family owned Orchard that has been catering to tourists and locals alike since 1972. Owner John Adams and his wife, Peggy Adams, didn’t begin the orchard with the intention of turning it into a business.

“We started out with planting 20 trees behind the barn. Now we’ve got over 900,” said John.

In addition to apple picking, the Adams also run year round green houses where they grow and sell flowers. Down the road from the family farmhouse and the apple orchard itself, the Adams run a farm market where they sell Vermont made, local products.

Although the busiest time of the year is autumn, running an orchard is a year round job.

“I trim the trees while they’re growing so that I can get a maximum yield. If I let them grow how they want, people would only be able to eat the apples on the outside or close to the ground. This way, there are good apples everywhere in the tree.” In addition to tree trimming, the Adams also have to look out for the winters.

“Last year we got an early freeze in November and it killed this years fruit buds. So we lost about one third of our crop,” said Scott Adams, the younger son of John.

Despite the harshness of the winters and the task of pruning the trees, the Adams family is very optimistic about their business. John Adams has been living in Williston for over 30 years and is happy that this is where his work has taken him, “My favorite part of this business is having all the folks come in with their families and make memories on our land. That’s what this was always about.”