Pseudo Selfies

Maximilian Moyer is a 21-year-old photographer, hailing from the city of Los Gatos and currently attending Brooks Institute. As part of a rowing team for a number of years, both as a rower and later on an assistant coach, Moyer got his inspiration for his project when he asked a fellow rower how he could expand the generic name “selfie” with something else. The word pseudo, which a rower suggested, translates to “fake,” and sums up exactly what Moyer has been doing. Beginning with photographing the members of his rowing team and later branching out, he titled his project: “Pseudo Selfies,” where he takes different peoples’ selfies in different environments.

At first glance, the photos appear to have been taken by their subject, when in fact it is Moyer himself directing the moment that photographically tells the subject’s story, and then capturing the story in that moment for others to view and enjoy. This exploration into selfies came about because Moyer began to wonder why selfies have become so viral in today’s society, what makes a good selfie, what types of people take selfies, and what motivates them to do so.

“I’ve been working on this project for the past year,” says Moyer. “Since the model is holding the lens hood, it gives me complete control over the composition of the picture while also giving me the ability to interact and position the model however I please.”

These fake selfies give Moyer the opportunity to document and photograph from someone else’s point of view. His goal for this project is to take pseudo selfies of as many different types of people as he can. “The pseudo selfie allows me to take a selfie of someone who would not normally take a one.” Says Moyer.