Challenge is What Makes Life Interesting


“Challenge is what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

I always want my work to be a meaningful representation of the interesting challenges I faced to get to the point of the artist I am today. The quote above is something I struggle to accept because of course, we can’t tell the future, ya know? But when we overcome the bull crap we are so much stronger. This is my life right now and what I’m trying to express through my work. Not only as an artist, but as a human.

I got my first camera when I was 20; it was a Christmas present that changed my life. I was in business school at the time and dropped out to pursue photography to a deeper level. I am so grateful for my family; the support in my life is so incredible. My family is my biggest cheerleaders. My parents have supported every decision I’ve made in this pursuit and I am unforgivingly thankful.

One summer in Chicago, I taught basic photography. one of my students was a young girl named Marie who was autistic. She only took photos with her iPad and didn’t speak. She inspired me because she saw things in a way us normal folk don’t see the world. After further research of autism, I wanted to help in some way with their communication and photography would be such a beautiful mediator for them.

After I graduate my goal is to shoot for a major magazine like Vogue, then I would like to move forward and teach college level photography and open a school of photography for people with autism.

My personal work is real. At least that’s what I strive for. I never want people to look at my work and think “oh that’s cute.” I want them to connect, to feel. As if they’ve just finished an unfinished book and are wondering what the end result is. All the while not realizing the end result is what they make it to be. I want people to create stories and be interested. My work is for the wanderer.